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Back of the Hip (Posterior)

Gluteus Medius Repair

Gluteus Medius is one of three muscles in the buttocks and is situated on the outer surface of the hip.

The function of the gluteus medius is to assist with pelvis stability, hip abduction, along with internal and external rotation of the hip. Tears of the gluteus medius usually occur where the tendon inserts at the great trochanter, causing lateral hip and buttock pain, limping and weakness.

Tears of the gluteus medius can occur due to traumatic injury or degenerative conditions such as tendinopathy (chronic inflammation of the gluteus medius tendon). Gluteus medius tears cause pain and weakness on the affected side of the hip.

Initial treatment involves ice, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and activity modification to decrease pain and inflammation. The tendons need to be repaired to heal. If a severe, full-thickness gluteus medius tear is present, the repair could require arthroscopic surgery.

The arthroscopic surgery is an outpatient procedure. The surgery is performed with three to four small incisions. The tendon is repaired back to the bone utilizing sutures and nonmetallic anchors with the use of a small camera. The procedure is most common in elderly patients with buttock or outer hip pain.