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Side of the Hip (Lateral)

Many of us suffer from tenderness on the side of our hip. The good news, tenderness alone can often be treated without surgery. The most common cause of lateral hip pain is bursitis.  Bursitis is regularly treated with medication, injections and/or physical therapy. If bursitis continues a Bursectomy can be performed arthroscopically.


A hip bursectomy is done with an arthroscopy procedure. Small, buttonhole-sized incisions are made by the joint. A small tube-like device called an arthroscope is inserted into the holes. The scope has a light and camera allowing the doctor to see the bursa.

Specialized surgical instruments are placed through other incisions and passed to the area. The instruments can detach bursa from local tissue and remove the bursa and any scar tissue.

After the arthroscope is removed from the joint, the holes will be closed with stitches. A compression bandage will be applied over the dressing to control swelling and prevent blood clots. If appropriate a brace or sling will be placed to help support the joint.

The procedure is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery and takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
Recovery time is fairly quick. It will take a few days for the incisions to heal, but complete joint recovery takes several weeks. Movement of the joint may be restricted in the first few weeks.  You will gradually be able to return to normal activity levels. You will also be given exercises and movement to help your joint heal properly.