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Labral Reconstruction

Labral Reconstruction is the new frontier in hip preservation surgery.  Dr. Johnson preserves hips that others have deemed not repairable.  Dr. Johnson is proud to work with Dr. Brian White, a hip reconstruction pioneer, teaching other surgeons across the country this cutting-edge procedure.

Labral Reconstruction is considered when the patient’s tissue is inadequate for repair or has been removed or debrided in a prior surgery.   In years past, patients who had labral debridement or failed repair would experience continued hip pain and degeneration without options.

Dr. Johnson’s labral reconstruction technique removes the entire labrum.  A graft of cadaver tissue is prepared and inserted into the joint. The graft is then anchored around the entire hip socket to replace the dysfunctional labrum. This technique re-creates the tight seal in the hip socket that is needed for proper function. This surgery typically takes three to four hours.

Labral Reconstruction

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