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Hip Preservation

Hip preservation surgeries primary goal is to reduce hip pain and restore normal hip function. For a hip to be non-painful and function properly it must be shaped properly, have a functioning labrum and smooth cartilage surface.

The mission of The Hip Clinic is to properly diagnose and treat hip disorders for the purpose of hip preservation.

The hip is a very dynamic joint that experiences large ranges of motion and forces. It is able to hold up because it is a pressurized and constrained joint. The joint keeps its constraint through its congruency. It stays pressurized through a cartilage ring around the socket called the labrum. If the ball and socket joint aren’t perfectly congruent then the joint can experience shear forces. These shear forces can cause Labral tears and joint degeneration. This disorder is commonly caused by Hip Impingement.

Hip preservation surgery’s goal is aimed at correcting tears and impingement to recreate a nonpainful normally functioning joint to prevent joint degeneration and arthritis.


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